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GmNotify v0.7.3
A full featured, convenient Gmail notification program for Linux/*NIX.



As root, run:
# ruby install.rb
This will install GmNotify and it's libray's in /usr/bin, /usr/lib/gmnotify, and /usr/share/gmnotify. I'll put a --prefix option in the installer sooner or later.


Just run gmnotify from the command line. You can run it right out of this directory if you'd like to try it out before installing it.

GmNotify doesn't support X session management yet, so if you want to run it on startup you have to do it through startup applications in Gnome, KDE, XFCE, etc.

Starting with version 0.7.3 you have the option to verify Google's SSL certificates, just as your browser would. You must install a certificate store and specify a path to it. On a Debian/Ubuntu system you can just do:

# apt-get install ca-certificates
The certs will be installed in /etc/ssl/certs. Not sure on other systems.

Finally, GmNotify doesn't use any command line switches yet, everything is configured in ~/.gmnotify.