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GmNotify is a tray applet that notifies you of new messages from Gmail and provides an easy mechanism to get to them. It was designed for Linux/*NIX to run in Gnome, KDE, and XFCE. I know, there are already a number of programs out there that provide this functionality. However, they all have limitations I've tried to address here. If you really want to know why, check the FAQ.

Here are some of the things that will, by version 1.0, set GmNotify apart:

  • Smart notification placement CheckedDone
    The notification popups will automatically be placed with the tray icon, much the same way Update Notifier does. Note: This only works on horizontal panels for now.
  • Multiple account support
    GmNotify will have the ability to check multiple Gmail accounts a once.
  • No Gmail feed CheckedDone
    Originally GmNotify used Gmail's ATOM feed to get updates. This limits GmNotify to reporting on only 20 messages at once (not that you should actually display more than 5) and, more importantly, doesn't give you automatic label support (see below). GmNotify actually logins into Gmail the same way your browser would.
  • Label support
    Labels will be fully supported before v1.0 so you can check more than just your Inbox. Also, all of your labels will be automatically imported, so there's no need to explicitly define them.
  • Proxy support
    Those of you behind a web proxy will be covered.
  • Automatic login to Gmail CheckedDone
    When you double click the tray icon you'll go right to your Inbox. Simple, but convenient feature.
  • Automatic composer CheckedDone
    This is another simple but nice to have feature. When you click on the senders name in the notification box you will be brought to your composer window in Gmail.


2006-07-03 - Ruby-GTK2 0.15.0 Released

There's no need to checkout the lastest CVS for Ruby-GTK2 anymore. Also, it seems that the GTK2 portion is now a seperate download.

2006-06-12 - GmNotify 0.7.3 Released

This release adds upport for SSL certificate verification. You must install a certificate store in order for this work. See the README for more details. Download it here.

2006-05-24 - GmNotify 0.7.2 Released

Another minor update fixes some bugs in smart window placement and adds some temporary extra debugging. Download it here.

2006-05-24 - GmNotify 0.7.1 Released

Minor update adds "Show Again" support to the menu and fixes a typo in About. Download it here.

2006-05-20 - Gmail javascript gurus

The way GmNotify opens messages leaves a lot to be desired at this point. I'm basically looking for a way to open a browser and have the full Gmail interface shown, not just the message. I am certainly not a Javascript guy, so any bit of insight would be appreciated. This may not be so easy as even Google's own notify software doesn't do this.

2006-05-20 - Artist wanted!

There are only a few icons which GmNotify uses, most are from GTK. One, however, is cut right out of the Gmail logo. The Red M. I'd like to replace it with something just as nice. A greyscale and blue version would be needed also.

Then there's a logo as well...

2006-05-19 - Initial release of GmNotify

This is the first public release of GmNotify, version 0.7. Feedback strongly desired!